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My Journey to Islam

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“Insightful commentary on the authors experience discovering his path in Islam.”
Solomon Khimji

“Alhumdulillah! This is wonderful and I am looking forward to reading your book “Intellect,Reason and Belief.”
Sister Naimah Hameed

“Alhamdulilah may Allah icreases your knowledge about Islam to write many more books Jizakallahu khairan brother in islam this is good move keep it up.”
Bello Laden

“Intellect, Reason and Belief” Alhumdulillah proud of you! Looking forward to reading your book.”
Um Marjonah Ibraheem

Why you’ll
love it

Thought Provoking!

This book pushes you to think. It gives  the reader a series of points directed from the Qur’an that will challege everything that is believed regarding Him.

Are you looking for God?

If you’re a seeker of knowledge, trying to connect to The One Who created you; and you’re looking for answers regarding Him, this book is sure to open your eyes and heart towards learning more about Islam.


James Vs. Paul -

Did these two biblical persons have an epic theological debate within the bible text?

The author gives an stunning look into the book of James in comparison with the writings of the Apostle Paul. You will love this interesting chapter!

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Intellect, Reason and Belief - My Journey to Islam

by Yusuf Abdul-Alim - student of Sheikh Harun Alfaqir

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