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Remembering Mufti Naeem (Jamia Binoria)

Guest post from Areeba Baig Sometimes you are so busy with life you don’t think much of where it all started, how you became who you are, the journeys you took and the people who helped you along them. And then something happens which forces you to pause. Only then...

The Battle of Badr: The Reasons

The Battle of Badr: The Reasons

The article shows the reasons and the incidents that occurred before the battle of Badr and the number of both the Muslim and polytheists armies, according to authentic sources.

Raised by Converts

Note to the reader:  Some Muslims debate which term we should use for someone who has chosen to accept Islam. Is it supposed to be “convert” or “revert?”  In this article, I choose to use the word “convert.”  Before I start receiving comments from individuals who are...

Searching for Signs of Spring: A Short Story

See the Story Index for Wael Abdelgawad’s other stories. The Smoker “I’m going to kill her,” the man in the back seat growled. A moment earlier his phone had beeped, indicating a text message. Randa ignored him. She could already smell him – he reeked of...