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You’re going on Hajj?! Congratulations, you’ve won the lottery! (Literally, though, you won the lottery in some cases). Even though Hajj this year has gone haywire for many due to last minute changes, it is never too late to try to prepare for the journey of a lifetime. As you pack your bags, don’t forget about the spiritual prep you must undertake before you go.

There are so many types of preparation for Hajj you should think about–including preparing to be the best version of yourself when you go for Hajj. But why? Hajj is first and foremost a spiritual journey. The end goal of Hajj is simple: receive the gift of complete forgiveness of all of your past sins. You can now listen to this article, “Spiritual Preparation for Hajj,” as well as check out the infographic below including all of the pointers mentioned.

Infographic: Spiritual Prep for Hajj

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