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There’s a mistake that many mothers of single daughters on the marriage market make: pressuring their daughters to change essential parts of themselves for the sake of finding a husband.  With marriage season upon us once again, this can be a very difficult time for all the single ladies out there – and also their well-meaning mothers. Tensions may be rising as you attend summer weddings, so before you get carried away with finding and fixing whatever is “wrong” with your daughter, please take a pause. Read this open letter I wrote to all the mothers out there with single daughters looking to get married, or listen to it here (podcast player below.)

The most important thing to remember is that getting your daughter married isn’t the end goal – your daughter being successful in her marriage is.


Your daughter is an individual and has a mind, body, and soul of her own. She is ultimately the caretaker of her life and her hereafter–not you as her mother or her future husband. #Muslim #Parenting #Marriage #MuslimCourtship Click To Tweet

Don’t ask your daughter to throw herself away to simply get married. You’re telling her she isn’t ‘good enough’ the way she is. You are not allowing her the space to be successful once she is actually married.Click To Tweet

Stop asking your daughter to quit wearing hijab or lose ridiculous amounts of weight just to get married. Support her and build her self-confidence. Click To Tweet

Being married will not make your daughter happy; being married to the right man at the right time will. Click To Tweet

If your daughter is not getting married, it’s more likely than not that she has not met the right guy for her yet. Allah is testing your patience. Asking your daughter to change something essential to her will not help her be successful in her marriage. Click To Tweet


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