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Parents are constantly worried about how to raise their children to be good Muslims. Dr. Muhammad Wajid Akhter recently wrote on this topic in the article “Did The Prophet ﷺ Wear Glasses? – Raising Your Children To Be Resilient Muslims.” He shares his framework for raising resilient Muslim kids, as well as 5 tips that every Muslim parent can start using today. You can now listen to this article read to you on the MuslimMatters‘ podcast.

5 tips to raise resilient Muslim kids. 1. Teach them to be Muslim primarily 2. Educate them to be proud of their history 3. Make the Prophet Muhammad (S) real to them 4. Teach them to love the Ummah 5. Show them the difference between respect and acceptance Click To Tweet

It is important that Muslims of the future grow up not shielded from an outside world that we are increasingly less in control of, but resilient within it. Click To Tweet

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