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Today’s podcast is a narration of the article “My Ramadan Plan For Life With A Toddler: Shifting My Mindset And Setting Humble Goals.” You can also read the full article at the link below. Share this podcast and article with a friend or loved one who is juggling Ramadan with young children!

My Ramadan Plan For Life With A Toddler: Shifting My Mindset And Setting Humble Goals

Here is a macro-Ramadan planner that I have created for all to use this Ramadan. It’s just like the one I mention in the podcast, and great for parents who’d like to focus on the big picture for Ramadan this year.

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Maybe a mindset shift and setting humble goals will be best I can do for Ramadan as a parent–even though it feels like I’m failing in many ways. But I’m not failing at maximizing my blessings if I remind myself about where I am in life right now.Click To Tweet

I’m not a carefree college student anymore, and I’m accepting that. I have only a few goals for Ramadan that I think are appropriate for myself in my current state: do everything I have to do with good quality and avoid burning myself out in the process.Click To Tweet

I’m going to value what I do all day, care for my son, as an excellent good deed. What motherhood has taught me is that my definition of worship needs to change and that what I do on a daily basis will be different based on what my life is like.Click To Tweet


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