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This Ramadan, MuslimMatters has a special gift for all of our readers!

MuslimMatters’ contributor Kate-Bridges Lyman of DhikrSticker has designed a mini Ramadan planner and Qur’an journal, for free download and use, just for you!

MM X DhikrSticker Planner

The MM Planner features a fasting tracker for each day, a Qur’an reading plan to fill in with your personal goals, salah and habit trackers, and a daily schedule and reflection sheet to plan out each day!

Mini Qur’an Journal

The mini Qur’ān Journal provides an introduction page to provide a foundation for your Qur’an reflections, and a template for every surah.

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Not for profit or individual resale.

We hope you benefit greatly from this, and that Allah

subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He)
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accepts all of our efforts towards understanding and implementing His Words, ameen!


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