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Islam has emphasized on numerous principles that organize relationships among members of the society. One of the most important principles is social justice with all important values that it involves like peace, love, brotherhood, and prosperity. Justice in Islam is not only practiced with Muslims. Rather, it is practiced with every human being regardless of his/her beliefs or religion.

The importance of justice is manifested in being one of God’s names in Islam. It is considered among the most important values underlined by the Qur’an and repeated in a number of its verses. God has required justice to be a necessary part of the behavior of every Muslim. It covers every aspect in life and has to be practiced with every person in the world, including rivals and enemies. As God says,

Indeed, Allah commands you to render trusts to whom they are due and when you judge between people to judge with justice.  (Al-Nisa‘ 4:58)

The Inspired by Muhammad campaign was designed to improve the public understanding of Islam and Muslims. It showcased Britons demonstrating how Muhammad inspired them to contribute to society, with a focus on women’s rights, social justice and the environment. In this video, Myriam Francois Cerrah talks about how the Prophet’s social justice inspired her.

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