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In this marvelous lecture titled, Living in an Atheistic Society, Dr. Shabir Ally tackles a number of important questions to which he gives substantial rational answers. These questions include:

– What is Atheism?

– What is the “Problem of Evil”?

– What is Agnosticism?

– Does God exist?

– What evidence supports the existence of God?

Dr. Shabir Ally holds a B.A. in Religious Studies from Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, with a specialization in Biblical Literature, an M.A. in Religious Studies from the University of Toronto with a specialization in Qur’anic Exegesis and a PhD in Qur’anic Exegesis from the same university.

Dr. Shabir is the founder of the Islamic Information and Da`wah Centre in Toronto, Canada. He currently teaches Arabic at the University of Toronto.

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