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The Prophet (Muhammad)was giving a speech in which he said that God has cursed those who drink liquor, make it, serve it, sell it or buy it. A bedouin stood up and asked, “Messenger of God, I was a merchant in this trade, and I made a lot of money from selling liquor, so will it be to my benefit if I spend those profits in obedience to God?” The Prophet replied, “Even if you spend it during a pilgrimage, in struggling in the cause of God or through charity, it won’t make any difference to God, for God only accepts nothing but what is wholesome.” Narrated in Asbab ul-Nuzul

Then this verse was revealed in the Qur’an in support of this statement:Qur’an 5:100 – Say to them, “Evil is not equal to what’s wholesome, even though evil is so widespread that it seems normal and good to you. Be mindful of God, all you people of understanding, so you may prosper.”We all know that there’s benefit regarding Alcohol but God say’s in the Qur’an in response to this below:

Qur’an 2:219 – When they ask you about liquor and gambling, tell them, “There’s both great harm and benefit in them for people, but the harm is great than the benefit.” When they ask you how much they should spend in charity, tell them, “Whatever you can spare.” This is how God clarifies His verses so you can better understand how they relate to this life and the next (life).

Why is the their more harm?…

Qur’an 5:91 – 93 Satan wants to stir up hostility and hatred among you with liquor and gambling, so as to hinder you from remembering God and (also hinder you) from prayer. Won’t you give tip (those bad habits?” 91

Obey God and obey the Messenger, and be wary (of what will do you harm). If you turn back, then know that Our Messenger but only proclaim (the message) clearly. 92

Those who believe and who do what’s morally right won’t be held responsible for (the alcohol or gambling proceeds) they’ve consumed (in the past), just so long as they’re mindful (of God) while holding to faith. And again, so long as they’re mindful (of God), and then do what’s good, for God loves those who are good. 93

But don’t despair of God’s Mercy upon us sinners

Qur’an 39:53 – (Muhammad,) tell (people that I, Myself, have said), “All my servants who have acted excessively against their own souls! Don’t lose hope of God’s mercy, for God can forgive all sins. He truly is the Forgiving and the Merciful! Turn towards your Lord, and surrender to Him before the punishment overwhelms you, for then you’ll have no one to help you.”

Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him said “The one who repents from sin is like one who did not sin.”