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By Editorial Staff
Dialogue between a Believer and an Atheist on Why We Need Religion
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The essential difference between religion and man-made law is Allah.

Really, why do we need a religion? We have our minds, thoughts and intelligence. We even developed artificial intelligence. We invented the mico-chips and designed satellites. We are in the 21st century.

Who has inflicted on miserable mankind the tragedies of poisonous gas, highly explosive products, experiments of fertility, heavy heavy artillery, justification of mass killing based on false scientific arguments, nuclear arms, etc.?

Do you want to hear more?

Look at the world’s problems, poverty, wars, suicide, unjustified killing, madness, etc.

Do we trust man’s reason which caused all this mass destruction?

Why do religious people commit crimes?

What is the essential difference between religion and man-made laws?

Why do atheist people swear by God during speech?

Isn’t it logical for them to swear by reason or evolution chain?

Why do people appeal to God in difficult situations?

Watch this short dialogue between a believer and an atheist to find the answer to all these questions:



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Source of the video: Guide to Islam Channel

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